Best Genuine iPhone Cases in 2021

The latest iPhone models look arguably best without a case. Unfortunately, the iPhone 12, iPhone 11, iPhone X and iPhone XS feature a glass body that makes them slippery and it increases the risk of accidental drops. While Apple made the iPhone XR out of aluminum, it still scratches easily, so you probably want a case for it as well.

Plus, Apple’s top-of-the-line smartphones are incredibly expensive, and that’s why most users slap on a case to protect them.

I think a device like the iPhone demands a case of comparable quality. When I upgraded to Apple’s flagship phone in 2020, I set out to find the best iPhone 12 Pro Max case from each of the categories shown in the table of contents.

Note that most of the cases I’ve reviewed below also work for older iPhone models, including the iPhone 8 and even iPhone 7.

So continue reading if you want to find the best iPhone 12 cases and the best iPhone XR cases for your needs. The cases marked with an asterisk (*) are technically iPhone X cases, but they also fit the iPhone XS.

Best Genuine Leather Cases for iPhone 12 Pro Max

Thin icarer case for the iPhone 12 or iPhone 11 should protect the device and look good without adding much bulk. Below are some of the lightest leather cases I have tested from case manufacturers around the world.

The alto handmade Italian leather case features a hard shell that protects the iPhone from three sides. On top of the plastic body, Alto added a thin layer of full grain leather that develops a patina over time. In other words, the leather ages as you use the case.

What’s unique about the alto leather case is its thinness. On photos, it almost looks like as if the case would not offer any protection for the screen when you place the device face down on a flat surface. In reality, the case is 0.5 mm higher than the phone screen, which is sufficient to protect it on entirely flat surfaces.

While the case is of high quality, made from premium leather, it’s also the most expensive case in this review. You have to decide if paying $12 is worth the half millimeter the case is thinner than the thickest case in this review.

The Apple Croc leather Case for the iPhone 12 is similar to the cases Apple offered for previous iPhone models. Apple made the case from specially tanned and finished European leather that feels soft and develops a natural patina over time, much like all genuine leather products.

The case is available in eight colors, including Peony Pink, Cape Cod Blue, Forest Green, Taupe, Midnight Blue, Saddle Brown, Black, and (PRODUCT)RED. With the latter, Apple supports AIDS research.

Like with many other cases, the cutout for the mute switch is relatively small, making it difficult to toggle the mute switch with larger thumbs. Despite the smooth leather, the snakeskin leather case allows for a solid grip and one-handed use is not a problem.

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